How to design your Shopify store for Christmas to increase product sales 2023?

Written by: Rinal Rangani

How to design your Shopify store for Christmas to increase product sales 2023

Did you know? About 30% of online sales happen during Christmas. It's crucial to prepare your Shopify store for the holidays, and we've got you covered in five easy steps with explanations and images. Plus, all our Christmas tips are budget-friendly!

During the festive season, customers explore stores for gift ideas. Effective advertising campaigns draw them to stores with the best deals, leading to more sales. Christmas sales matter a lot for both retailers and customers. Get your store holiday-ready without breaking the bank.

5 Promotional strategies to promote your Shopify Store for Christmas

1. Boost Your Sales with Clever Discounts

Offering discounts in your store is a great strategy. Research shows 75% of consumers regularly check their emails for relevant discount offers. 91% of American shoppers actively seek deals before making online purchases. To attract customers, consider a second-item discount for additional items purchased after the first. This promotes related products through recommendations, boosting traffic, income, and sales.

To boost sales, create a sense of urgency by promoting limited-edition Christmas merchandise. This strategy ensures quick sell-outs and encourages customers to make purchases promptly.

Boost Your Sales with Clever Discounts

Be cautious while organizing discount promotions to avoid losses. Smart discounts can be a powerful tool in your Shopify store strategy. During Christmas, loyal customers spend more, around 67% more than new ones. It's a great time to show appreciation with discounts and exclusive deals, emphasizing the season of family and connection.

2. Create marketing campaigns for Christmas.

Get Insights: Find the best-selling Christmas items based on past sales information. Customized Suggestions: Utilize this information to provide product recommendations that are specific to your customers. Impact of Loyalty Programs: Studies reveal that 77% of participants in loyalty programs consider tailored promotions based on previous purchases to be advantageous.Improved Shopping Experience: Take advantage of product suggestions to make your online shopping experience more seamless. Highlight New Products: To pique customers' attention, highlight recently introduced items. Exclusive Promotions: For a more individualized touch, make coded promotions specifically for current customers and deliver them by postal mail. Inclusive Approach: Encourage a feeling of belonging and track pleased customer responses. Adoric for Success:Investigate Adoric to find useful product suggestions that can increase customer involvement.Sturdy Features: Make the most of Adoric's sturdy features to offer your clients the best product recommendations.

Create marketing campaigns for Christmas

 Maximize the potential of your Christmas Shopify website with effective campaigns. Consider Christmas quizzes, gift guides, and festive pop-up banners to enhance user engagement. Engage your audience with fun and interactive Christmas quizzes. Make the gift selection process enjoyable and stress-free.Provide valuable guidance by creating Christmas gift guides.

Help customers find the perfect gifts, even for those they may not know well.Grab attention with festive pop-up banners. Highlight special offers, promotions, or unique Christmas collections to entice visitors.Simplify the Christmas gift-selection dilemma, making it a headache-free experience for your customers. Optimize your Shopify website for the holiday season with these strategic campaigns.

3. Add the spirit of Christmas to the design of your store.

Refresh Backdrop and Hero Pictures:

Update the background and main images. Add a touch of Christmas without losing your company identity.

Refresh Backdrop and Hero Pictures

Revise Main Menu:

Make the Christmas sales area noticeable. Add a simple gift emoji to encourage users to explore for the perfect gift.

Make the Christmas sales area noticeable

Include Animated Holiday Visuals:

Consider adding background music or snowfall for a festive impact. Use Shopify apps for the best results.

Create Lookbooks or Update Product Images:

Although it needs resources, it's effective in selling to emotionally invested consumers. The visual content is also reusable for social media marketing.

4. Offer Free Shipping

One major reason people abandon their carts is high shipping costs. Stats show that businesses offering free delivery witness a 20% increase in conversions and a 10% rise in retail sales.

To make this cost-effective, plan strategically. Combine free shipping with other promotions to reduce the impact. For instance, offer free shipping for orders above $150 or alongside other promotions.

Ensure customers are aware of your free shipping offer. Use a free shipping bar on your website or send it through email. This prominently displays the deal, attracting more visitors.

5. Your Shopify Store with Christmas Apps

1. The White Christmas

The White Christmas

Overview: Use a snowfall effect to decorate the top and bottom of your store. Select ten different Christmas carols for the background track.
Pricing: FreeFeature: Christmas animations, snowfall, and background music are the main elements.Details: Works on all devices; individually manage effects; enable on homepage or storewide. Best part? It's totally free.App link:

2. Create a Snow-like 3D Christmas Scene

Create a Snow-like 3D Christmas Scene

Overview: Tailor the store's appearance to the different holidays. Set up timeouts, schedule decorations, and alter appearance.Pricing: Each decorating costs $4.99 per month for all features.Trial version: Sure, a seven-day free trialPrimary features: Scheduling, timeouts, and visual holiday decorations.Details: Choose the ideal template for your store from over 150 available options.App link

3. Product Badges and Labels

Product Badges and Labels

Overview: Increase sales by labeling things with a Christmas theme, scarcity, or restricted quantity.Pricing: Free – $20 per monthTrial version: No free trialPrincipal attributes: Diverse product markings and emblemsDetails: The free plan is adequate for simple holiday marketing. Upgrade to a full-time approach, if possible.App link

4. Spin Wheel

Spin Wheel

Overview: Use Spin Wheel's free plan to launch a Christmas popup campaign. Increase client engagement and conversion.Pricing: Free to $49 per monthTrial version: seven-day free trialFeatures: Sophisticated trigger and analytics spin-the-wheel popup.Details: Upgrade choices are offered for continuous conversion strategies.App link

5. Superb Gift Ideas

Superb Gift Ideas

Overview: Use Super Gift Options to streamline gift packaging. Give clients the choice to personalize their gift packaging.Pricing: $4.99 per month for unlimited orders; free installationTrial Version: seven-day free trialFeatures: Gift receipt (hide order price), gift message, and free or paid gift wrapping.Details: Use different themed widgets for different holidays.App link

Additional Chirstmas idea for your store

Shipment Alerts: Keep customers informed about possible delays on your homepage and product pages to avoid customer support emails.

Create Urgency: Use countdown timers in emails, limited-time promotions, and product scarcity widgets to capitalize on the fear of missing out.

Downloadable Social Content: Make content on social media downloadable to encourage more frequent purchases directly from posts.

Blog Boost: Leverage blog content with a Christmas theme to attract valuable organic traffic with informative posts.

Positive Impact: Showcase your positive influence. Christmas is a time when people appreciate and engage in good deeds.


As the holiday season approaches, it's imperative for Shopify store owners to gear up for the festive rush. At Tameta Tech, we understand the significance of a well-prepared Shopify store during Christmas, and we've outlined five budget-friendly steps to ensure your online presence shines during this crucial period.

Tameta Tech, we are not just an e-commerce studio; we are your partners in success. By implementing these strategies, your Shopify store can stand out during the Christmas season, making the most of the festive cheer and driving impressive results. 

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