From Garage Gym to Global Empire with $1.45 Billion Brand Value of Gymshark

Written by: Rinal Rangani

 From Garage Gym to Global Empire with $1.45 Billion Brand Value of Gymshark

In the world of workout gear dominated by giants like Nike and Adidas, there's a new player making waves Gymshark. Its success story isn't about fancy boardrooms or inherited wealth; it's about hard work, dedication, and riding the digital wave perfectly. Starting in a small garage in Birmingham, England, Gymshark has grown into a $1.45 billion global brand in just ten years. This incredible rise is thanks to smart brand-building, clever marketing, and a powerful Shopify-driven multi-channel presence.

new player making waves Gymshark

The Numbers Game Of Gymshark

Metric Figure
Shopify Platform Shopify Plus
Annual Revenue $1.45 billion
Average Order Value (AOV) $80
Conversion Rate 4.5%
Social media 100 million Followers
Brand Ambassadors 50+ Global ambassadors

Birth of Gymshark

Gymshark's journey kicked off in 2012, led by Ben Francis, a 19-year-old college student facing a common dilemma finding affordable gym clothes he truly liked. Fueled by both frustration and an emerging entrepreneurial drive, Ben began crafting custom designs on plain vests in his garage. Initially, he sold them to classmates and fellow fitness enthusiasts. Ben's enthusiasm caught on, attracting friends Ben Coomber and Lewis Morgan to join in, turning the garage into their modest headquarters.

Branding of Gymshark

Gymshark realized that millennials and Gen Z wanted more than just clothes they wanted a brand that understood them and reflected their lifestyle. So, Gymshark crafted a youthful, daring, and trendy aesthetic that resonated perfectly with the social media-driven generation.

  • Authenticity: Gymshark keeps it genuine by avoiding overly polished content, offering behind-the-scenes peeks, and relatable posts. This builds trust and a true connection with its audience.
  • Inclusiveness: Gymshark embraces diversity in body shapes, ethnicities, and fitness levels, making everyone feel welcomed and motivated in the brand community.
  • Community Engagement: Gymshark actively interacts with its followers on social media, organizing challenges and events, creating a sense of belonging and shared enthusiasm.
  • Setting Trends: Gymshark leads the way with bold designs, collaborations with influencers, and innovative products, ensuring its brand stays fresh and thrilling.
  • Social Media Know-How: Gymshark expertly uses platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to showcase products, engage with the audience, and boost brand recognition.

Marketing Success Of Gymshark

1. Create a Community, Not Just Customers

  • Move beyond selling clothes build a lifestyle story that connects with millennials and Gen Z.
  • Collaborate with relatable influencers, showcasing genuine experiences over staged photoshoots.
  • Actively participate in online fitness groups, organize challenges, and encourage user-generated content.

2. Content Rules

Feature user-generated content to build trust and loyalty

  • Share engaging workout videos, training tips, and lifestyle content.
  • Provide behind-the-scenes peeks into your ambassadors' lives.
  • Feature user-generated content to build trust and loyalty.
  • Harness the power of storytelling for emotional connections.

3. Perfecting the Mix with Social Media, Influencers, and Ads

  • Cultivate a distinctive and visually appealing social media presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • Team up with relevant fitness influencers for targeted brand promotion and sales.
  • Use paid ads strategically to reach new audiences and drive website traffic.
  • Analyze results consistently to optimize your marketing strategy.

Gymshark: Perfecting the Mix with Social Media

4. Adaptability and Innovation of Embrace Dropshipping

  • Cut upfront inventory costs and stay nimble with a dropshipping model.
  • Experiment with fresh styles and designs to stay ahead.
  • Make influencer marketing a core part of your business for mutual benefits.
  • Keep innovating and updating your offerings to keep your audience interested.

Influencer Powerhouse of Gymshark

Gymshark's rapid ascent not just about stylish gym wear or clever marketing. A key factor in their success is teaming up with popular fitness influencers who embody the brand's principles and connect with their desired audience.

Influencer Platform Reach Contribution
Chloe Ting YouTube 23 million subscribers Fitness tutorials, workout challenges
Lexy Blondin Instagram 17 million followers Lifestyle content, activewear recommendations
David Laid YouTube 10 million subscribers Bodybuilding motivation, training tips
Nikki Blackketter Simpson Instagram 5 million followers Yoga-inspired workouts, positive body image advocacy

 Influencer Powerhouse of Gymshark

Business Model of Gymshark

Gymshark offers a diverse range of workout attire for both men and women, including tank tops, t-shirts, crop tops, bottoms, leggings, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and undergarments. Additionally, the brand provides accessories like equipment, headgear, socks, beverages, and bags.

Gymshark was an early adopter of influencer marketing, collaborating with YouTube and Facebook weightlifting and gym influencers by offering them their merchandise.

Upon each customer's purchase, Gymshark sends a personalized message, welcoming them to the Gymshark family, fostering a sense of community among like-minded individuals striving for common goals.

Gymshark follows a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model, choosing to send products directly to customers instead of maintaining physical stores.

In the DTC model, major expenses revolve around distribution and customer service.

Booming of Gymshark

  • From £500 in 2012 to an expected £1 billion in 2023, Gymshark's incredible growth is remarkable.
  • With a presence in 180+ countries, Gymshark's global impact matches its exceptional sportswear.
  • Engaging workout clips, lifestyle advice, and influencer tales captivate fans in the Gymshark story.
  • Gymshark's smooth partnership with Shopify drives their ongoing success.
  • Beyond just clothing, Gymshark is a fitness app owner, producer, and collaboration expert.
  • Authentic relationships and shared values transform Gymshark from a brand into a trusted companion on the fitness journey.

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Gymshark is Shopify King

Gymshark has dedicated time to perfecting the look of their Shopify shop to boost sales and ensure a top-notch customer experience. Let's go through some design features that make online shopping a breeze on their site.

1. Use full-width banners and animations to highlight the newest collection.

For online store owners, prioritizing your unique selling points is crucial. Incorporate animations and eye-catching banners to achieve this.

Remember, you only have 50 milliseconds to make a positive first impression and persuade a customer to make a purchase. Gymshark understands this well and implements it effectively. It would be perfect if there's a distinctive Call to Action (CTA) button included.

Gymshark has dedicated time to perfecting the look

2. Showcasing the latest products prominently on the main website for both men and women.

Gymshark's main page is super straightforward, making it a delightful experience for users!

By prominently featuring a New Releases section, you can help customers find and buy items more quickly and easily. Gymshark takes it a step further by organizing new releases by gender, making the user experience even better.

Gymshark's main page is super straightforward,

3. Showcasing Influential Collaborations with Full-Wide Images

Research indicates that 57% of online buying decisions are influenced by celebrities' preferences. Gymshark understands this well and makes a point to highlight any partnerships prominently and clearly!

Similarly, wide images are employed to ensure that the influential figures who can impact customer decisions are prominently featured, motivating visitors to take desired actions on the store.

Showcasing Influential Collaborations with Full-Wide Images

4. A mega menu with fresh releases and important items 

Gymshark makes it easy for users to find what they need with a big menu. Apart from categories, their menu also showcases collections and activities. It highlights their popular collections alongside recommended products.

A mega menu with fresh releases and important items

5. Product image with clear image and video 

People often want to thoroughly check a product before making a purchase decision. Gymshark understands this and includes vibrant, high-quality images and videos that can be zoomed in from different angles when necessary. Additionally, you'll find small thumbnail images showcasing variations on the product pages.

Gymshark understands this and includes product images

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Gymshark's success story proves how innovation, smart branding, and a strong online store go hand in hand. Gymshark keeps motivating fitness fans globally, and its partnership with Shopify plays a key role in its path to becoming a go-to choice for fitness journeys. At Tameta Tech, we applaud Gymshark's achievements and are here to support more brands in reaching such heights with our Shopify expertise.

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