How Bewakoof brand make revenue from 0 to 160 cr in 10 years?

Written by: Rinal Rangani

How Bewakoof brand make revenue from 0 to 160 cr in 10 years?

Within the e-commerce industry, there is one Indian brand that is particularly noteworthy for its growth and success. In just ten years, Bewakoof a business that began from nothing made an incredible journey from having no revenue to an astounding 160 crores. This motivating tale demonstrates creativity, hard work, and a thorough grasp of the market in addition to mathematics. In this post, we'll examine how Bewakoof accomplished this amazing feat and the part Shopify and Shopify development played in their path.

Bewakoof - Screaming for a decade

Name Bewakoof
Sector Fashion, E-commerce
Founders Prabhkiran Singh, Siddharth Munot
Founded 2012
Revenue 160 cr.
Funding $39.5M with 12 round

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Just Information of Bewakoof

Bewakoof, a popular brand in India, is teaming up with TMRW to grow faster. They plan to expand into kids' and teens' clothing, as this market is booming. With their combined strengths in design and technology, they aim to achieve over Rs 500 crore in the next two years. Bewakoof is known for its stylish Western wear and caters to Gen Z and millennials through its online store and other platforms

Birth of Bewakoof

Bewakoof's story began with a vision, as is the case with all great stories. Bewakoof was started by two driven businesspeople, Prabhkiran Singh, and Siddharth Munot, with the goal of giving young Indians access to fashionable yet reasonably-priced apparel. Though the brand was created in a tiny space, the aspirations were big. They set out on a voyage that would turn out to be anything but silly, believing in the power of "bewakoofi" (foolishness).

Branding of Bewakoof

Bewakoof, which means "foolish" in Hindi, is quirky and unconventional, which perfectly reflects the brand's personality. It is also a word that is commonly used by young Indians, which helps to create a sense of connection with the brand's target audience.

"Express yourself, Bewakoof." Bewakoof's products provide as a platform for clients to express their individuality and be themselves.

Marketing plan of Bewakoof

Marketing Goals:

  • Increase brand awareness among young Indians
  • Generate leads and sales for Bewakoof products
  • Build a strong customer base
  • Position Bewakoof as the go-to brand for quirky and trendy fashion

Target Audience:

  • Young Indians aged 18-34
  • Fashion-conscious and trend-savvy
  • Active on social media

Marketing Strategies:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing

Celebrity Involved

Bewakoof brought on board Indian cinema's biggest names, like Rajkumar Rao, Sanya Malhotra, Siddharth Malhotra, and Fatima Sana Shaikh, by winning over both their fans and Bollywood stars.

Bewakoof collaborated with Rajkummar Rao to launch its #BewakoofHaiZaroori campaign. The campaign celebrated the individuality and quirkiness of young Indians. Bewakoof also collaborated with Sanya Malhotra to launch its #DesignOfTheDay campaign. This campaign gave customers access to new designs every day.

Bewakoof's celebrity engagements have been well-received by its customers. The company's social media posts featuring celebrities are often met with positive engagement. Customers appreciate Bewakoof's ability to collaborate with celebrities who are relevant to its target audience.

Business and Revenue graph of Bewakoof Tameta Tech

Business and Revenue graph of Bewakoof

Bewakoof is a D2C brand, which means that it sells its products directly to customers through its own website and mobile app. This model allows Bewakoof to cut out the middleman and offer its products at more competitive prices. Bewakoof also follows a vertical integration model, which means that it controls all aspects of its business, from product design and manufacturing to marketing and sales.

Selling its products is Bewakoof's main source of income. The business also makes money through affiliate marketing and advertising. Bewakoof sells a variety of goods, such as apparel, accoutrements, and housewares. Young Indians are the primary market for the company's products, which are renowned for their stylish looks and reasonable costs.

Booming of Bewakoof

  • So far, more than 6 million clients have been served.
  • 5 million items have been sold thus far.
  • It has more than 3000 fashion trends in its portfolio.
  • Delivers goods to more than 90 nations
  • More than 1.7 million Instagram fans
  • Over 4.8 million Facebook fans
  • Website traffic exceeds 2.82 million hits each month.

Bewakoof is an Indian direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand that has grown significantly in recent years. The company made over 160 crore rupees in sales in FY2022, a considerable rise over the prior year.

The company plans to generate more than 250 crore rupees in sales in FY 2023, an increase of more than 50% from the previous year.

The Role of E-commerce: E-commerce was the driving force behind Bewakoof's growth. The founders understood that the digital realm was the future of retail. They harnessed the power of e-commerce platforms to reach a vast audience and make their products accessible to customers across India.

Leveraging Shopify: One of the key factors behind Bewakoof's success was its choice of the Shopify platform for their e-commerce needs. Shopify offered a user-friendly, customizable, and robust solution that perfectly aligned with Bewakoof's requirements.

Shopify Development: The founders realized that to stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape, they needed a unique and engaging website. This is where Shopify development came into play. By customizing their online store using Shopify's development capabilities, Bewakoof created a seamless and visually appealing platform for their customers.

Success Secrets of Bewakoof

Behind every success story, there's a formula, a unique approach that sets the journey in motion. For Bewakoof, this formula included several key ingredients:

  • Understanding the Audience: Bewakoof knew its target audience inside out. The brand resonated with the youth of India by understanding their preferences, trends, and lifestyle. This deep understanding allowed them to curate products that their customers could relate to.
  • Both affordability and quality: Bewakoof's success was largely attributed to its dedication to providing high-quality goods at reasonable costs. Their audience was moved by this blend of affordable prices and chic style.

  • New Month, New Color: Without color, many say, life is boring and uninteresting, and they don't disagree! In an effort to make their lives happier, Bewakoof decided to start #ColorOfTheMonth. Every month on the 1st, a new color is introduced at a discounted price that lasts for 72 hours. They decided that Birthday Yellow would be the #ColorOfTheMonth for Bewakoof's tenth birthday as a small way to spread joy and celebrate their wacky selves.

Won a Million Deals With DesignOfTheDay Tameta Tech
  • Won a Million Deals With DesignOfTheDay: Bewakoof introduced #DesignOfTheDay in 2017 and demonstrated why they are superior to their competition! Anyone can get new designs every day at 3 pm, just like you can during our 10th birthday month. Plus, there's no better way to commemorate the birthday than by purchasing these designs at a discounted rate. So stop waiting! Look out for some of the season's hottest trends in fashion design.  
    Won a Million Deals With DesignOfTheMonth Tameta Tech
  • Embrace Uniqueness With Bewakoof: Bewakoof launched a special section called B'You where customers can let their imagination go wild and splash some colors on the canvas of their favorite t-shirt and flex their unique style statement.
Embrace Uniqueness With Bewakoof Tameta Tech

Unlocking Exclusive Offers of Bewakoof

It can be difficult to discover a business in the digital era that actually values its clients and provides special offers. On the other hand, you're in for a wonderful surprise when it comes to Bewakoof. This article examines how Bewakoof, a company renowned for its distinctive apparel and accessories, goes above and beyond to give its consumers excellent deals.

  • The Art of Discounts: Discounts are one of the main ways Bewakoof serves its clients. They frequently offer discounts on a variety of goods, enabling everyone to afford high-end clothing. Bewakoof makes sure its consumers may get their favorite products at a lower price by offering seasonal specials and special occasion discounts.
    Bewakoof The Art of Discounts Tameta Tech
  • Trendy Collections at Unbelievable Prices: Bewakoof's price policy complements its dedication to keeping up with the newest fashion trends. They provide the newest trends in fashion at affordable prices. This perfect blend of style and affordability is what sets Bewakoof apart from the competition.
    Trendy Collections at Unbelievable Prices Tameta Tech
  • First Dibs on New Arrivals: Because Bewakoof appreciates its clients, it frequently gives them first dibs on brand-new collections. This implies that you won't have to worry about falling behind on trends in fashion.
  • Membership Benefits: Bewakoof's membership programs demonstrate their commitment to their clients even further. You can access a world of unique offers by signing up, such as early access to sales and member-only discounts, among many other benefits. It's a fantastic way to interact with others who appreciate fashion as much as you do.
    Membership Benefits in Bewakoof Tameta Tech
  • Seasonal Surp: Bewakoof thinks that its clients should share in significant occasions. Whenever there's a special occasion, holiday, or festive season, you can count on Bewakoof to surprise you with time-limited deals that will enhance your buying pleasure.

The Neighbour of Bewakoof

Bewakoof faces strong competition from both D2C brands and traditional e-commerce giants. However, the company has been able to carve out a niche for itself by focusing on a specific customer segment and offering unique products and services.

Brand Target Audience Category Focus on Social media
Snitch 18-44 age group Fashion & Apparel Youtube, Facebook, Instagram
Urbanmonkey 18-44 age group Fashion & Apparel Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora
Myntra 18-54 age group Fashion & Apparel Youtube, Linkedin, Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram
Ajio 18-54 age group Fashion & Apparel Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest


Fund rise of Bewakoof

Bewakoof has a total of 23 institutional investors, including Investcorp, IvyCap Ventures, and Uniqorn Ventures. Investcorp is the largest institutional investor in Bewakoof. Rohit Bansal and 41 others are angel investors in Bewakoof.

Investor Investment
Investcorp Rs. 80 Cr. + $6.92M
Klub $6.92M
IvyCap ventures $6.92M
Pranak Consultants Rs. 8 Cr.
Pratithi investment Rs. 8 Cr.
Indigoedge Management Rs. 8 Cr.
TMRW Rs. 200 Cr.



The incredible journey of Bewakoof is proof of the strength of determination, hard work, and creative branding. Their success story demonstrates the potential of the e-commerce sector and the extraordinary heights that can be attained by a company that knows its target market. The company's success is attributed to its focus on customers, understanding their needs, and offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Shopify and Shopify development have also played a pivotal role in Bewakoof's journey. Tameta Tech, an e-commerce studio, can relate to Bewakoof's success in a number of ways. Tameta Tech also focuses on the customer, values innovation, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services at affordable prices.

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