How Ruby Olive Increased Revenue by 500%

Written by: Hinal Ranpariya

How Ruby Olive Increased Revenue by 500%

Imagine a small jewelry brand, hidden amongst giants in a crowded market. 

Now, picture them transforming into a dazzling online leader, their sales skyrocketing by a mind-blowing 500%! 

That's the incredible story of Ruby Olive, an Australian brand that dared to go digital.  Curious how they went from hidden gem to online crown jewel? 


Ruby Olive wasn't always the sparkling online success story it is today”.

Back in 2010, Ruby Olive was Founded by Skype Anderton, they started as a wholesaler, handcrafting eye-catching jewelry that fused bold colors with the warmth of wood and resin.

While they had a loyal following of customers who spread the word about their unique pieces, they knew their growth was mostly coming from the loyal customer’s word-of-mouth advertising so they decided to focus more on direct-to-customer sales.

But they saw that the market was tough and people's shopping habits were changing, However,  realizing the limitations of word-of-mouth in a digital age, Skye knew Ruby Olive needed a bolder strategy. They were using Facebook Ads occasionally but with little success. Skye knows that Ruby Olive could achieve much more. 

So she made a simple but very impactful choice: She decided to focus on direct-to-consumer digital marketing. She wasn't going to just experiment with a few small tests. Instead, she was determined to immerse herself and master the strategy fully.

Ruby Olive wasn't always the sparkling online success story it is today


Even though Ruby Olive had many loyal customers and sold unique products, it needed to overcome several challenges to scale its E-commerce operations, Like- 

  • Limited online visibility compared to larger competitors.
  • Inefficient digital marketing strategies
  • Poor user experience on the E-commerce platform.


Skye knew a dazzling product needed a spotlight, and that meant getting consistent website traffic. So, she took a two-step approach. First, she enrolled in Ezra Firestone's "Facebook Video Ads Mastery" course, a well-respected program in the marketing world. 

This crash course in Smart Marketer tactics equipped her with the knowledge to leverage video ads and grab attention online.

Traffic was flowing, but now she needed a landing page that could convert those clicks into sales. Her existing Shopify product pages just weren't cutting it. 

Skye wasn't afraid to experiment, trying out various tools to create special product pages to see what worked best. These pages needed to be functional, visually appealing, and most importantly, designed to turn visitors into paying customers.

That's when she discovered a way to create detailed pages for her top products. Skye used these pages to show off her key items, keeping the style of her store while adding features to boost sales on the Shopify store. 

Skye saw a big increase in sales and revenue from her Facebook ads combined with these effective product pages.

Key - Factors: What helped Ruby Olive’s in this sales increase 

No doubt there was a significant increase in sales and revenue after using Facebook ads along with compelling, detailed product offer pages. 

However, there are also several other key features and strategies implemented on Ruby Olive's Shopify store that also help in achieving a substantial increase in sales and revenue.

Easy-to-Use Design

Ruby Olive’s Shopify store is designed to work well on mobile devices and finding products is easy with clear menus and simple navigation.

Great Product Displays

They use high-quality pictures to show off their products and highlight popular products to catch customer's eyes and boost sales.

Personalized Experience

Customers get suggestions based on what they've looked at before, and some products can be customized items like jewelry by choosing colors, sizes, or adding special touches right on the website.

Smooth Checkout

Checking out is simple and quick, reducing the chance of leaving items behind with various secure payment options available.

Marketing tools

They use tools to send targeted emails and connect with customers on social media.

Engaging Features

Customers can leave reviews and chat live with support staff for help.

Data Insights

They use data to understand how their Shopify store is doing and make improvements to increase their sales.


Ruby Olive’s Shopify store grew with the business, adding new functions like loyalty programs or better inventory management.


After incorporating Facebook ads alongside detailed product offer pages, Skye witnessed a remarkable 500% surge in revenue for Ruby Olive, consistently achieving five-figure sales each month.

remarkable 500% surge in revenue for Ruby Olive

Even more impressive, Ruby Olive has experienced a doubling of sales month over month for the past year and a half due to these strategies.

Regular product sell-outs, steady sales, and satisfied customers have become the new norm for Ruby Olive.

Now, instead of struggling to generate sales, Skye and her team can focus on developing more marketing funnels and promoting new products using proven methods. They are also expanding their online presence and partnering with various charities using these successful strategies.

Ruby Olive did great, but can do even better for your Shopify store!

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By doing all this, Tamet tech wants to give your Shopify store an even bigger boost than Ruby Olive experienced. 

We aim to improve your Shopify store's performance by using our services and tools.


At Tameta Tech, we can help your Shopify store reach new levels of success. We offer advanced tools and expertise to expand your marketing, boost sales with data-driven insights, and enhance your store with special apps and features. Our goal is to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers and ensure your store can handle big sales growth easily.

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