How to Shopify Store Login?

Written by: Hinal Ranpariya

How to Shopify Store Login?

Many people around the world like the website, which is used by thousands of experts to help over 4.5 million online sellers.

Shopify is a popular online selling platform that many business owners rely on. If you're new to the business world and want to get started with Shopify, this blog post will give you a quick guide on how to log in.

Login different Shopify Accounts

For people who sell products, offer services, or work independently, Shopify is the go-to e-commerce platform. Here's how you can use Shopify:

  1. Shopify Store Admin: If you run your own online store, you can use Shopify to manage everything.
  2. Shopify Partner: If you're an expert, you can help other store owners improve their businesses by working on their Shopify stores.

You can also let customers create accounts on your store. This makes it easier for both you and your customers to manage past orders and payment methods.

Login to Shopify Admin

If you're running an online store on Shopify and need to manage tasks like updating prices or checking purchase details, you'll use Shopify admin.

Here's how you can access Shopify admin:

For Desktop:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Go to, which is the Shopify login page.
  3. Choose "Your Store" and log in using your email address or other accounts like Facebook, Google, or Apple.
    log in using your email address on shopify store
  4. After that, simply log in by entering the password associated with your email address. If you can't remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password" button to start the Shopify password reset process.
    Shopify password & reset process
  5. Once you log in to your Shopify account, a list of associated stores will appear. Choose the Shopify store you want to access.
    log in to your Shopify account

And that's all! 🎉 You've successfully login the admin section of your Shopify store!

Successfully login the admin section

Logging into your Shopify store admin is easy. You can also use the mobile app and follow similar steps. Let's take a look at how it works.

For Mobile:

Here's how to access and manage your Shopify store using your smartphone:

First, download the official Shopify app on your iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once installed, open the app and tap on "Log In."

App and tap on "Log In."
Direct login in shopify app

You'll be directed to the Shopify login page. Enter your Shopify email address.

Enter your Shopify email address

Next, enter your password to log in to your Shopify admin account.

Enter your password to log in to your Shopify admin account

After successfully logging in, you'll see the Shopify admin dashboard right on your smartphone screen.

After successfully logging in

Now, you're all set to conveniently manage your Shopify store anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps on your phone! 

How to Multiple Shopify Store login?

With Shopify, you can manage multiple stores using just one account. Here's how you can log into different Shopify stores at the same time:

  1. Go to the website address of one of your Shopify stores.
  2. Once you're in the admin area, click on your profile at the top right corner, then select "Stores."
  3. From there, pick the store you want to access.

It's that simple to log into multiple Shopify stores! 

Login for Shopify Partners

But many people aspire to become Shopify experts. To earn this title, candidates must demonstrate their ability to effectively set up Shopify stores. 

Shopify requires candidates to have assisted in setting up at least five Shopify stores. Those who meet the qualifications will be listed on the Shopify Experts website and granted the title Shopify expert. 

They will be ranked based on their performance in serving clients. Shopify offers various categories that individuals or businesses can join to become Shopify experts, including:

  1. Setting up Marketing and Sales Stores
  2. Developing Stores and Resolving Issues
  3. Providing Visual Content, Branding, and Expert Advice on Content Writing

Log in Shopify Partners Dashboard

Here's how to log in to your Shopify Partners dashboard:

  1. Go to and choose Shopify Partners.
  2. Enter your Shopify Partners email address and click Continue with Email. You can also use other login options provided by Shopify.
  3. Enter your Shopify account password and click Log In.
  4. Once logged in, you'll see the Shopify Partners dashboard!

Now you're all set to use the partner dashboard to manage your client's store.

Login as a Shopify Customer

Logging in as a customer on Shopify is easy and convenient. With a customer account, shoppers can enjoy faster checkout and access to their order history.

Customers can view their saved addresses, previous orders, and personal information. When customers check out, Shopify automatically creates their accounts using the information they provide.

You have two options for creating customer accounts on Shopify:

  1. Manually create a customer account: Go to the Customers section and click on "Add Customer" to input the details and create the account yourself.
  2. Send a customer account invitation: In the admin panel, navigate to Settings, then Notifications, and select Customers. From there, you can send an invitation to customers, prompting them to create their own accounts.

Choose the method that works best for you and your customers!

Once customers have their accounts set up, they can log in to your Shopify store anytime. For testing purposes, you can also create a fake customer account and log in as if you were a customer.

Shopify makes it simple for customers to manage their accounts and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Create accounts for Invite Customers

How to Invitations Individually

Step 1: Go to the Customers section in your Shopify Admin.

Step 2: Choose the customer you want to invite. If they're not listed, you'll need to add them.

Customers section in your Shopify Admin

Step 3: Click on their email address to open a window where you can enter your details.

Enter your details on shopify

Make changes by

  • Choosing the sender from the drop-down menu under "From".
  • Editing the default invitation email template by clicking on the Notifications link under the Custom Message section.

Customer notification
Step 4:
Review the email.

Step 5: If everything looks good, click Send Notification.

How to Invitations in Bulk

If you want to send out invitations in large numbers, you can use the free Shopify Account invite Apps available in the shop.

One such app is the Bulk Account Inviter, which Shopify Plus users receive for this specific purpose. However, you won't find this app listed in the app store. Instead, you'll need to contact the Launch Engineer of the plan to install it.


Logging into Shopify is easy, whether you're a store owner, partner, or customer. You can do it on your computer or phone. At Tameta Tech, we're Shopify experts, and we know how important it is for our clients to have smooth login experiences. Shopify has a simple interface that makes it easy for everyone to use, no matter their role.

Just follow the steps outlined, and you'll be able to make the most of Shopify's features to boost your e-commerce success.With our help, navigating and optimizing your Shopify store will be a breeze, helping your business thrive in the competitive online world.

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