How to Start Revenue-Generated Shopify Subscription Box Business

Written by: Hinal Ranpariya

How to Start a Revenue-Generating Shopify Subscription Box Business

Are you tired of the unpredictable ups and downs in your Shopify store? One month, you're busy with orders, the next month it's quiet. 

Subscription boxes are a great solution! 

Subscription boxes have become incredibly popular because they provide customers with a delightful surprise delivered right to their door regularly while ensuring businesses enjoy a steady income. Subscription boxes offer a unique way to engage customers consistently and make them Happy.

Imagine offering your customers a special membership to your brand, they receive carefully selected products like beauty items or pet supplies on a regular basis. This not only keeps customers excited but also guarantees you a steady income flow regularly.

If you're passionate about a particular niche and have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a subscription box business on Shopify store could be your perfect fit.

By using subscription boxes, you can transform your Shopify store into a revenue-generating powerhouse. This guide will help you build a loyal group of subscribers, turning your store into a consistent money-maker. 

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of one-time sales and get ready to grow a successful business that works well throughout the year!

How to Build a Shopify Subscription Box

Building a Shopify subscription box is a great way to create a recurring revenue stream for your business. Let’s start a journey of How to build your Shopify subscription box business.

Step 1: Define Your Product Offering

To create a successful subscription box, start by clarifying what you want to sell.

1. Define Your Niche and Brand Identity

The first step is to identify a niche market segment for your subscription box. This could be anything from beauty products to pet supplies to coffee beans. 

Consider your interests, skills, and the current market trends.  Once you've chosen a niche, brainstorm product ideas that would appeal to your target audience. 

2. Choose the Right Type of Subscription Box for your Shopify store

Subscription boxes come in a vast array of options, but they generally fall into three main categories: Curated Collections, Replenishment Boxes, Access to Membership Perks

3. Curated Collections 

These boxes are filled with a selection of products chosen by experts or following a specific theme.  This is a popular option for beauty products, snacks, and hobbies where there are many choices and people might appreciate help finding new favorites.

GlobeIn Artisan Box
Example: GlobeIn Artisan Box: This bimonthly box delivers handcrafted goods from around the world, featuring products made by artisans using traditional techniques. Each box highlights a different region and its cultural heritage.

4. Replenishment Boxes

These boxes focus on delivering everyday essentials that you use regularly, like razor blades, pet food, or cleaning supplies.  The convenience of automatic delivery can be a big perk for these boxes.Quip Refill Club

Example: Quip Refill Club: This subscription service delivers replacement brush heads for their electric toothbrushes at designated intervals, ensuring you always have a fresh, clean brush.

5. Access to Membership Perks

These boxes offer exclusive access to products, discounts, or experiences along with a physical product. This is a common option for clothing companies or warehouse clubs where the box itself might just be a perk, but the real value comes from the membership benefits.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box
Example: Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box: This service allows members to try on clothes, shoes, and accessories at home before they buy. Prime Wardrobe members receive free shipping and returns on their selections, along with exclusive discounts and early access to sales. While there's often a physical item in the box, the core value lies in the try-before-you-buy convenience and membership perks.

Step 2: Build Your Shopify Store

If you're new to eCommerce, follow these steps to set up your Shopify subscription store. But If you already have a store and want to create a subscription offering, you may skip this step and go to the next step.

1. Obtain a Domain Name

Purchase a domain name from a provider like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or NameCheap. GoDaddy is a widely recognized domain registrar. They have a massive user base and a long history in the industry. because it has a Wide domain selection, a user-friendly interface, and often has introductory discounts.

Purchase a domain name from a provider like GoDaddy

2. Create a Shopify Account and Connect Your Domain

After purchasing the domain sign up for your Shopify account and link your purchased domain to your store. 

Create a Shopify Account

3. Choose a Theme

Select a Shopify theme for your Shopify store from Shopify's free or premium themes to customize the look and feel based on your target audience. You can access this feature by clicking on online store > themes. If you want to get more knowledge about the Shopify theme check out the Power of AI-Powered Shopify Customization Theme Apps in 2024

Choose a Theme


4. Customize Your Homepage and Essential Pages

Personalize your homepage with your brand logo, imagery, and essential pages like “Terms of Service” and “Contact Us” for your customers.

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Step 3: Add Subscription Capability to Your Store

You'll need to integrate a subscription management app to enable recurring billing and manage subscriptions on your Shopify store. Here are detailed steps to achieve this:

1. Choose a Subscription App

Select a subscription app that suits your business needs and budget. Consider popular options like Bold Subscriptions, Recharge, Yotpo, or PayWhirl.

Choose a Subscription App in shopify app store


2. Install the App

Install your chosen subscription app from the Shopify App Store. Follow the app's installation instructions to integrate it with your Shopify store.

3. Configure Subscription Settings

Within the subscription app, set up your subscription parameters such as billing frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually), shipping intervals, trial periods, and subscription discounts.

4. Design Subscription Product Pages

Use the app's features to create and customize subscription product pages. Specify subscription details clearly, including pricing, billing cycles, and any subscription-specific benefits.

Step 4: Set Up Your Subscription Product Catalog

Set Up Your Subscription Product Catalog

Utilize the subscription management app to configure subscription details for your products within Shopify.

Step 5: Connect a Payment Gateway

Shopify store with a payment gateway

Integrate your Shopify store with a payment gateway (e.g., Shopify Payments, Stripe, PayPal) to facilitate transactions for subscriptions.

Step 6: Define Subscription Rules

Subscription Rules in shopify

Establish subscription parameters such as billing frequency, shipping intervals, and discounts to enhance customer experience.

1. Ensure Fulfillment and Customer Service

Integrate a fulfillment provider to manage orders efficiently and provide customers with tracking information and support.

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Tips for Success

  • Implement a robust marketing strategy to stand out in the competitive subscription market.
  • Optimize product pages with compelling content and visuals to drive conversions.
  • Enhance the subscription experience with personalized touches like unboxing surprises or customizable options.
  • Offer multiple payment methods and prioritize customer retention to maximize long-term profitability.

By following these steps and strategies, you can build a thriving subscription box business on Shopify that delivers value and exceptional experiences to your customers.


Launching a subscription box business on Shopify offers a compelling way to generate recurring revenue and cultivate a loyal customer base. 

By following this’s guide and implementing the recommended strategies, you can transform your store into a subscription powerhouse. 

Remember, focus on defining your niche, providing a valuable product offering, and exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint. With dedication and creativity, you can turn your passion into a successful subscription business that brings joy to your customers' doorsteps and consistent income for your business.

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