Best ways to Increase sale on your Shopify store during the Christmas season.

Written by: Rinal Rangani

Increase Sales on Your Shopify Store During  Christmas Season

Christmas is coming soon!

It only happens once a year, and it's a time of love and kindness. But for companies, it brings challenges.

During the holidays, businesses earn a big part of their yearly money. For shops, holiday sales can be 40% of the whole year.

But what if Black Friday doesn't go well? Even if it's good, you might have too much stuff to sell. And with the economy, people might not spend much this Christmas.

Keep it simple for your Shopify website! Christmas is your final opportunity to increase sales and maximize profits for the coming year. Take advantage of this crucial time to boost your company's success. Focus on increasing sales and reducing inventories for a prosperous year ahead.

1. Christmas Content for Your Audience

Connect with your audience by creating valuable Christmas-themed content. Ensure your focus is on them, providing insights and benefits rather than just self-promotion.

Content Ideas:

Christmas Content for Your Audience

A. Seasonal Fashion Trends (Clothing Store)

Dive into the latest seasonal fashion trends in a blog post. Guide your audience on stylish choices for the Christmas season.

Seasonal Fashion Trends

B. Christmas Color Accessories Guide (Jewelry Store)

Create a video highlighting accessories that complement Christmas colors. Offer helpful tips and suggestions to enhance their festive looks.

Christmas Color Accessories Guide

C. Holiday Marketing Tips (Internet Marketing Tools)

Share valuable insights in a blog article about using marketing to boost holiday sales. Provide actionable tips that businesses can implement.

Holiday Marketing Tips

Benefits of Creating Such Content:

SEO Boost

Improve your website's SEO by incorporating Christmas-themed content, making it more relevant during the holiday season.

Increased Visibility

Capture attention by offering valuable content, showcasing your company's expertise and merchandise.

Content Repurposing

Utilize the created content across various marketing platforms—social media, emails, and more.

By focusing on your audience and delivering content that adds value, you not only enhance your site's visibility and SEO but also create shareable material for broader marketing use.

2. Segmenting your customer list

Segmenting your customer list on christmas

Achieve the best results by tailoring your messages to specific subsets of your larger list. Targeted and relevant communications are better received by individuals.

Action Steps:

Segment Your Client List: Divide your clients into groups whenever possible.
Craft Precise Communications:
Create messages that precisely target your audience.
Address Abandoned Carts:
If customers leave their carts, acknowledge it, and offer assistance.
Utilize Audience Knowledge:
Leverage your understanding of your audience to tailor your messages effectively.


Improve engagement with personalized messaging.
Address specific customer situations for better outcomes.

Customized communication enhances user engagement and addresses individual needs effectively.

3. Post on Social media

Maybe you're rocking your social media plan, or perhaps you're just getting started. Either way, spending a short time each day on socials can work wonders.

Post on Social media

Share your posts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. Don't worry if you're not a social media pro – you can even use tools or services to help you out.

Not sure if it'll make a big impact? Well, you won't know until you try. Experiment with different platforms, and who knows, a simple post might do wonders!

Keep it easy, share your story, and let the social magic happen.

4. Offer Hourly Sales

Holiday sales with pop-up sales and online discounts. Elevate discounts for a limited time, like a sudden 50% off for an hour. Repeat the tactic throughout the day for optimal gains. Many successful retailers use this strategy multiple times during the sale period for maximum profits. Here are additional guidelines for leveraging hourly or time-limited sales:

  • Keep It Simple: Opt for straightforward language to ensure easy understanding.
  • Consistent Timing: Plan and execute hourly or time-limited sales consistently.
  • Strategic Discounts: Adjust discounts smartly to attract more customers.
  • Create Urgency: Use the limited-time offer to create a sense of urgency.
  • Promote on All Channels: Ensure your audience is aware by promoting across various channels.
  • Track Performance: Monitor the effectiveness of each pop-up sale to refine future strategies.
  • Customer Engagement: Encourage customer engagement during the limited-time offer.
  • Maximize Profit: Strategically repeat the tactic to maximize profits during the holiday season.
Offer Hourly Sales

Incorporate these guidelines to make the most of hourly or time-limited sales and boost your Shopify store's Christmas sales.

5. Free Shipping

Businesses with free delivery see 20% more sales. Customers love it 73% are more likely to buy when it's an option. Stand out in the crowd and increase your Shopify store sales with this simple choice. Try offering free delivery during Christmas. You can set a minimum amount for it to kick in, making it a win-win strategy.

So, if you haven't already, consider adding free delivery this Christmas and see the magic happen!

6. Execute Last-minute Shoppers

Not everyone likes shopping. Sometimes, we rush to the store at the last minute to see if there's anything good left. Some people wait on purpose and buy closer to Christmas. Stores might give big discounts to sell what's left.

So, we think last-minute sales will go up. Fast delivery and easy checkout will be important. It's better for customers to buy things online. They can get it on the same day or pick it up from the store. You can also tell them to buy more things from your online shop.

7. Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas

During the holiday season, everyone is on the lookout for Christmas gift ideas. Tap into this opportunity by creating a gift guide for your Shopify business. Cater to different categories like gifts for men and gifts for women. Utilize pop-ups on your store to capture the attention of interested customers. Share your gift guides through blogs, newsletters, and social media to reach a wider audience. Highlight the most popular and relevant products to attract potential buyers.

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For Shopify store owners, maximizing Christmas sales is crucial for a prosperous year ahead. The key lies in simplicity and strategic planning. Creating valuable Christmas-themed content allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, boosting your site's visibility and SEO. Segmenting your customer list enables personalized communication, addressing individual needs and improving engagement.

For a successful holiday season on Shopify, embrace these strategies and make the most of the festive spirit. At Tameta Tech, we're here to support your e-commerce journey, ensuring your Shopify store thrives during this Christmas season and beyond.

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