How Kylie Cosmetics Built a $1B Lifestyle Brand for Millennials and Gen Z?

Written by: Rinal Rangani

How Kylie Cosmetics Beat the World, One Lip Kit at a Time

In the beauty world, success brands are many, but few match the swift rise and massive growth of Kylie Cosmetics. Launched by Kylie Jenner during her teenage years, the brand not only shattered records but also transformed how celebrities do business. On the Shopify platform, Kylie built a billion-dollar empire, captivating a loyal fan base. Let's delve into the journey of Kylie Cosmetics, a brand marked by smart marketing, innovative digital tech, and unwavering dedication to a singular goal.

The Numbers Game Of Kylie 

Metric Figure
Shopify Platform Shopify Plus
Worldwide Visitors 838.5k
Profitability Score 95
Web Traffic Organic:-  68.65%
Paid:- 31.35%
Annual Revenue Over $1B
Largest Audience age group 25-34 years old

Birth of Kylie Cosmetics 

Recognizing the potential, Kylie saw a business opportunity. In 2015, she launched Kylie Lip Kits, a set of matching liquid lipstick and lip liner, for a limited run of 30,000 units. Within minutes of selling out online, the world took notice. Social media exploded, fueled by Kylie's own massive Instagram following and strategic influencer partnerships. Overnight, Kylie Cosmetics was born.

The Branding Brilliance of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is more than just makeup; it's a lifestyle, a thoughtfully designed world that speaks to millennials and Gen Z, exuding an "aspirational cool" vibe.

Recognizable Logo and Brand Imagery: Kylie Cosmetics stands out with its iconic dripping lips logo, creating a bold and unforgettable brand image.

Influential Marketing with Celebrities: By leveraging the influence of founder Kylie Jenner and other celebrities, Kylie Cosmetics excels in influencer marketing.

Strategic Exclusive Product Releases:Maintaining an air of exclusivity, Kylie Cosmetics strategically launches limited-edition products and thoughtfully curated collections.

Genuine Connection and Transparency:Kylie Jenner's direct involvement in product development and her open sharing of personal experiences foster authenticity.

Social Media Leadership: Kylie Cosmetics maintains a strong presence on popular platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Regular updates and engaging content contribute to the brand's dominance in the digital space.

Consistent Style Across Platforms: From product design to promotional materials, the brand ensures a cohesive style, reinforcing its identity across various platforms.

Commitment to Sustainability: Embracing eco-friendly packaging and cruelty-free products, the brand aligns with the growing demand for ethical beauty choices.

Recognizing the potential, Kylie saw a business opportunity

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Marketing strategies of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics uses a strong social media plan to connect with its audience. Consistently updated content, like behind-the-scenes looks, makeup guides, and user-created content, keeps the audience interested. The smart use of influencers and celebrities also boosts the brand's reach. By building a lively online community, Kylie Cosmetics generates excitement for product launches, deals, and special offers, adding to the brand's overall marketing success.


With a massive following of 25.3 million on Instagram, Kylie Cosmetics has built a strong customer base.

The brand showcases its various cosmetic products in posts, complete with direct links for easy customer access. This streamlined approach allows customers to quickly find and purchase the products they like.

Kylie Cosmetics aims at Gen Z and Millennials

Target Audience: Kylie Cosmetics aims at Gen Z and Millennials. To effectively reach both generations, Kylie Jenner employs influencer partnerships as a key component of her social media marketing strategy. This not only promotes her products but also creates word-of-mouth buzz. Witnessing favorite influencers using the products enhances consumer trust, influencing their purchase decisions.


Kylie Cosmetics influencers share tips on using the brand's products in “X” videos. This is an excellent strategy in the beauty industry to convince existing and potential customers about your product's quality. It's a compelling sales method that attracts and retains customers effectively.

Kylie Cosmetics influencers share tips on using the brand's products in “X” videos.

Kyle Jenner excels in social media marketing by prioritizing customer retention. To enhance her customer interactions, she utilizes social listening tools.

Engaging your audience through questions about your product or service is a simple yet effective way to build a connection. This approach provides valuable qualitative insights into your brand and customer base.


Pages play a vital role in your Facebook presence

On Facebook, Kylie Cosmetics has shared over a 100 videos. These videos include content created by users, new product launches, features on specific products, and tutorials. As it's widely recognized, video marketing is gaining increased popularity, and beauty brands must leverage it to stay competitive. In this context, employing social listening methods helps identify the latest trends and keywords.

On Facebook, Kylie Cosmetics has shared over a 100 videos

Pages play a vital role in your Facebook presence. To captivate users, prompt them to take action using engaging elements. Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are designed to emphasize your business's key goals on Facebook. They offer links to any Facebook page or external destination supporting your business objectives.


Despite having a massive YouTube following of 12.2 million subscribers, the Kylie Cosmetics channel experiences relatively low engagement.

Kylie Cosmetics shares makeup tutorials

Even though the brand doesn't post regularly on YouTube, it has a strong presence there. To give viewers a quick glimpse of the brand, Kylie Cosmetics shares makeup tutorials, Q&A sessions, and introduction videos on their YouTube channel.


While many businesses hesitate to use Pinterest for marketing, Kylie Cosmetics has found it to be exceptionally powerful in converting visitors into potential customers and boosting sales.

ylie Cosmetics focuses on creating high-quality and captivating visual content

Given Pinterest's visual nature, Kylie Cosmetics focuses on creating high-quality and captivating visual content as a key part of its Pinterest marketing strategy, encouraging users to share.

part of its Pinterest marketing strategy, encouraging users to share

Business Model of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, created by makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, not only transformed the beauty industry but also set new benchmarks in business innovation.

Direct-to-Consumer Dominance: Cutting out traditional retail, Kylie Cosmetics fosters direct connections with consumers, nurturing brand loyalty.

Limited Edition Drops: Strategic releases create urgency and exclusivity, fueling high demand and a buzz around each product.

Influencer Marketing Magic: Leveraging Kylie Jenner's celebrity, influencer collaborations amplify brand reach and product launches.

E-Commerce Excellence: A seamless online shopping experience defines Kylie Cosmetics, driving the majority of its sales.

Product Diversification Strategy: Venturing beyond makeup, the brand diversifies into skincare, fragrances, and accessories.

Omni-Channel Presence: Balancing online and offline, Kylie Cosmetics maintains pop-up stores and strategic retail partnerships.

Affordable Luxury: Striking a balance between luxury and accessibility, the brand offers high-quality products at attainable prices.

Continuous Innovation: Remaining ahead of beauty trends, the brand's commitment to innovation cements its position in the competitive market.

Booming of Kylie Cosmetics

  • The beauty industry is witnessing a growing demand for eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. 
  • Kylie's products are accessible in 170+ countries globally. They aim to minimize their environmental footprint and actively support various social causes.
  • Kylie Cosmetics is anticipated to embrace sustainable beauty practices as a significant part of its future endeavors. 
  • The brand's core strength lies in its ability to capture trends, engage fans through social media, and adapt to consumer preferences.
  • By prioritizing sustainability, the brand not only contributes to environmental conservation but also appeals to a conscientious consumer base, staying ahead in the evolving landscape of the beauty industry.

Shopify Was the Choice of Kylie Cosmetics

1) User-Friendly Interface for a Seamless Experience

Kylie aimed to give her website visitors a top-notch experience, and Shopify played a crucial role in crafting an exceptional and visually appealing journey for her customers. Kylie opted for Shopify to ensure her audience enjoys a smooth and delightful buying process, leading to swift conversions.

Kylie aimed to give her website visitors a top-notch experience

2) Customization to Match Brand Identity

Shopify provides extensive customization options, aligning perfectly with Kylie Cosmetics' goal of establishing a unique online store. The platform empowered Kylie to closely align her store's appearance and ambiance with the distinct identity of her brand.

3) Payment and Shipping Flexibility for Global Reach

Serving a global clientele, Kylie Cosmetics aimed to attract customers worldwide. Offering multiple shipping options and convenient payment methods was Kylie's strategy, and Shopify's flexibility in integrating diverse payment gateways and shipping choices perfectly suited Kylie Cosmetics' international presence, catering to clients in over 170 countries.

Kylie Cosmetics aimed to attract customers worldwide

4) Scalability for Rapid Growth

Shopify's scalability played a pivotal role in Kylie Cosmetics' choice, enabling the company to expand rapidly and handle increased web traffic. The decision was fueled by the need to ensure a seamless shopping experience, especially during peak demand periods.

5) Responsive Design for Various Devices

Following the lead of prominent retailers, Kylie Cosmetics wanted to deliver an outstanding experience to both desktop and mobile users. Choosing Shopify allowed them to manage traffic from various digital devices, ensuring a positive experience for every visitor.

Kylie Cosmetics wanted to deliver an outstanding experience to both desktop and mobile users

6) Easy Management

Shopify was Kylie Cosmetics' platform of choice due to its user-friendly administration features. The company sought a platform that was simple to use for effective online store management. Shopify's intuitive tools and straightforward interface simplified daily tasks, making it easy to handle products, inventory, and overall website performance.

Some Success Strategies Kylie Cosmetics Uses on Shopify

Price compare

Kylie Cosmetics cleverly employs a "Compare at Price" strategy on its Shopify site, emphasizing perceived value and driving sales. This approach entices customers by creating the perception of a deal with a higher "Compare at" price displayed alongside the actual selling price.

Kylie Cosmetics cleverly employs a "Compare at Price" strategy

Exclusive Sales Listings

Stay savvy with Kylie Cosmetics' Shopify store as it regularly updates its sales section, offering easy access to discounted items for savvy customers seeking deals. The sales catalog showcases discounted or clearance items, attracting bargain hunters.

Strategic Product Bundling

Unlock value with Kylie Cosmetics' Shopify store, leveraging the power of bundling to boost revenue and enhance the value proposition for customers. Bundling involves presenting multiple products or services as a single package, providing a compelling offer.

Unlock value with Kylie Cosmetics' Shopify store

Limited Edition 

Kylie Cosmetics' Shopify site strategically utilizes limited edition releases to spur customer engagement and drive sales. Creating an air of exclusivity and urgency, limited edition products become coveted items among the audience.

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Kylie Cosmetics' meteoric rise to a billion-dollar empire on Shopify exemplifies the platform's prowess in e-commerce. The strategic marriage of Kylie Jenner's visionary brand and Shopify's user-friendly interface has created a seamless, globally accessible shopping experience. The brand's commitment to sustainability, coupled with strategic marketing initiatives on various social media platforms, has solidified its position as a leader in the beauty industry.From customization to scalability, Shopify has played a pivotal role in Kylie Cosmetics' success. At Tameta Tech, we understand the potential of Shopify and are dedicated to helping businesses embark on their own path to e-commerce success. Choose Shopify, choose success, and let Tameta Tech be your guide in the digital era.

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