Shopify sellers made a whopping $9.3 billion in sales during Black Friday to Cyber Monday, setting a new record.

Written by: Hinal Ranpariya

How was BFCM 2023 in Shopify

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend was a massive success for Shopify merchants, pulling in an impressive $9.3 billion in sales. This marks a 24% increase from the previous year and highlights the hard work and creativity of the global Shopify community.

Before dive into the details of how and why this shopping spree happened, let's take a moment to grasp the significance of this achievement. $9.3 billion isn't just a substantial number; it's a global phenomenon, reflecting the combined efforts of millions worldwide.

Think about it – more than 61 million customers worldwide grabbed their credit cards and clicked "buy" from Friday in New Zealand to Monday night in California. It's like everyone in Portugal and France coming together for a huge shopping spree. That's a big deal!

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Wondering how Shopify sellers pulled off this amazing achievement? Here are a couple of key ingredients in their secret sauce:

Omnichannel Mastery:

Shopify stores ditched the old way of doing things. They smoothly blended online and offline experiences, offering click-and-collect convenience, social media storefronts, and in-person interactions that matched the online vibe. This made for a seamless and tempting shopping experience.

Mobile-First Brilliance:

Shopify merchants understood the importance of mobile. They optimized their stores for mobile users with user-friendly interfaces, fast loading, and easy tap-to-buy features. And guess what? Over 70% of the $9.3 billion came from mobile devices. That tells us that the future of shopping is literally in our hands.


To stand out in a world full of marketing noise, Shopify sellers got personal. They understood their customers and made shopping feel like a chat with a friend. Targeted emails, smart product suggestions, and AI-driven chatbots created a tailored experience for each customer.

The democratization of entrepreneurship:

A whopping 17,500 business owners made their first sale on Shopify. That's 17,500 stories of passion and determination. It shows that Shopify's platform empowers anyone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a great idea to join the global business scene.

Let's not forget, the real heroes here are the Shopify businesses. They put in weeks of hard work, creating tempting deals, setting up perfect product displays, and genuinely connecting with customers. They are the backbone of this entrepreneurial world, turning ideas into successful ventures and making shopping more human and less transactional.

What does all this mean once the excitement settles? It means Shopify is more than just an online platform; it's a movement. A community of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and hustlers reshaping modern business. This Black Friday-Cyber Monday is a guide to a promising future for retail – independent, multichannel, personalized, and, most importantly, human.


As a Shopify agency, Tameta Tech recognizes the significance of this achievement. These entrepreneurs invested weeks of hard work, crafting irresistible deals, perfecting product displays, and genuinely connecting with their customers. With 17,500 new businesses making their first sale on Shopify, this highlights Shopify's role as more than just a platform; it's a global movement reshaping modern business. Tameta Tech takes pride in being part of this transformative journey and anticipates a promising future for independent, multichannel, personalized, and human-centric retail.

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