Shopify Subscription Secrets Revealed: Top 10 Companies We Admire

Written by: Rinal Rangani

Shopify Subscription Secrets Revealed: Top 10 Companies We Admire

Forget chasing the next hot stock - the subscription box market is the real game changer!

According to McKinsey, this industry has doubled in size every year for the past five years, making it one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. 

Even big companies like Unilever are getting in on the action, using Shopify subscription apps to send products straight to customers' doors.

But what if you could figure out how these subscription success stories work? That's where Shopify subscription apps come into play. 

These tools let you easily offer regular deliveries of your products, turning one-time buyers into loyal customers who bring in consistent revenue for your business.

Ready to unlock the secrets? In this article, we'll explore the top 10 performing Shopify subscriptions. We'll break down their strategies and show you how to apply their success to your own business model.

It's time to step up your subscription game and leave "just okay" behind. Let's uncover those secrets together!

Top 10 Shopify subscription apps using Companies 

1. Huel: Nutritional meal replacement

Huel: Nutritional meal replacement

Huel, a subscription-based company on Shopify, is a prime example of cool success in the meal replacement market. Huel shakes up the meal replacement scene with its focus on convenient, nutritious "real food." Unlike competitors offering bland protein powders and diet shakes, Huel boasts complete meals that satisfy.

Huel caters to both one-time purchases and subscriptions, with flexible options for customization and cancellation that model ensures recurring revenue and customer loyalty. Plus, you can choose a delivery frequency that perfectly fits your needs.

2. Wearewild: innovative and eco-friendly solutions for personal care

Wearewild: innovative and eco-friendly solutions for personal care

"Ditch the plastic, not the freshness! Wild Deodorant offers powerful odor-protection with zero waste, unlike the competition." This eco-conscious brand offers innovative personal care solutions that are kind to your body and the planet. 

Their refillable deodorant sticks, available in various scents, come in stylish aluminum cases. The clever part? Refills are made from 100% compostable bamboo pulp, significantly reducing plastic waste. Plus, with their subscription option, you can stay fresh with ease, while minimizing your environmental impact.

Huel’s subscribers enjoy the ease of automatic deliveries and often receive discounts compared to single purchases. This builds loyalty and creates a predictable income stream for the businesses.

3. Pixi Perfect: Your Guide to Effortless Beauty

Pixi Perfect: Your Guide to Effortless Beauty

Pixi, a beauty brand celebrated for its natural-looking results, offers a subscription service for their top-selling skincare products.  Founder Petra Strand describes Pixi's products as "multipurpose, youth-boosting" solutions that leave you looking like yourself, but better! and their "auto-replenish" subscriptions ensure you never miss out on your favorites, saving you money and keeping your routine on track.

4. NatureBox: Healthy and Delicious Snacks

NatureBox: Healthy and Delicious Snacks

Craving for healthy snacks without the hassle? NatureBox delivers! This subscription service, available on Shopify, brings a curated selection of all-natural goodies straight to your door each month. 

NatureBox focuses on all-natural ingredients, ensuring you indulge in guilt-free treats. Sign up for a NatureBox membership and unlock exclusive discounts and promotions on all their products, making healthy snacking more affordable.

5. Rent the Runway: Designer clothing rental

Rent the Runway: Designer clothing rental

Ditch the closet overflow! Rent the Runway redefines fashion by offering designer clothing rentals. Forget expensive one-time purchases - rent the latest trends for a fraction of the price. 

Their subscription service unlocks a rotating wardrobe of high-end pieces, perfect for every occasion. Plus, with membership, you can easily swap items in and out, ensuring you always have the perfect outfit. It's fashion freedom and effortless style, all on your terms.

6. Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Family Dinner brings farm-fresh goodness to your table every week with their Shopify subscription box service powered by Bold Subscriptions. They champion local farmers and food producers, minimizing waste and maximizing flavor. But Family Dinner goes beyond convenience. 

They aim to create a connection between you and the people who grow your food. Customize your box each week, choosing the items you love. Traveling or overstocked? Simply skip a week or pause your subscription with ease. This transparency lets you control your food needs.

7. PupBox: Personalized treats and toys for dogs

PupBox: Personalized treats and toys for dogs

Spoil your furry friend with PupBox, the ultimate subscription for personalized dog treats and toys! Forget generic goodies - PupBox tailors each box to your dog's breed, age, and preferences. Think yummy treats, engaging toys, and even helpful accessories, all delivered straight to your door. Plus, flexible subscriptions with easy cancellation let you customize the fun for your pup!

8. Hunt a Killer: Murder mystery subscription boxes

Hunt a Killer: Murder mystery subscription boxes

This Shopify subscription box service turns you into a detective, sending a new murder mystery case each month. Packed with realistic evidence like police reports, witness statements, and mysterious objects, you'll crack codes, analyze clues, and solve the chilling crime. 

Hunt a Killer offers both one-time cases and subscriptions, letting you adjust the mystery dosage to your preference. Take a deep dive into an exciting and mysterious environment and test your investigative abilities! This makes customers more and more excited. But in the meantime, they put a pause.

9. Joshua Tree Coffee Company: Coffee and Tea Products

Joshua Tree Coffee Company: Coffee and Tea Products

They are a small-batch coffee roaster based in Joshua Tree, California that offers a variety of coffee and tea products. They source their beans from the world's best-growing regions, offering a variety of roasts and flavors to satisfy every coffee lover.

Joshua Tree offers a coffee subscription service that allows customers to receive fresh, roasted coffee beans delivered to their door on a regular basis.  They also sell a variety of teas, as well as coffee brewing equipment and accessories.

10. Bulletproof


Bulletproof, a name synonymous with high-performance nutrition, offers a convenient "subscribe and save" program on their Shopify store. This program lets you Choose the Bulletproof products you love most.

Select the quantity you need and how often you'd like deliveries (every 2 weeks to 3 months). Enjoy the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. This program ensures you have the Bulletproof products you rely on, delivered straight to your door on your schedule.


Shopify subscription apps can help businesses easily offer regular deliveries of their products, turning one-time buyers into loyal customers who bring in consistent revenue for your business. 

To make the most of this trend, focus on making customers happy, offering choices, and using technology to make things run smoothly. knows this strategy taps into the potential of subscription services, helping build strong relationships with customers and growing E-commerce in a sustainable way.

By being dedicated and coming up with new ideas, businesses can follow the lead of successful Shopify subscription services and do well in the changing online marketplace. Use these ideas in your own way to make subscriptions work for your business!

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