Shopify vs Dukaan: Navigating the E-Commerce Revolution by Shopify is the best.

Written by: Hinal Ranpariya

Shopify vs Dukaan: Navigating the E-Commerce Revolution by Shopify is the best.

With numerous e-commerce platforms available for business owners and entrepreneurs, the online marketplace is bustling with activity. With the growth of online shopping platforms, starting and managing an internet store has become an easy process that doesn't need any previous IT knowledge.

Two noteworthy contenders in this space are Shopify and Dukaan. Their competition for market leadership is fascinating, given the unique advantages each brings to the table. This comparative analysis aims to assist you in navigating the complexities of online business if you're deciding which one to go for.

Quick comparison: Shopify vs. Dukaan

Category Shopify Dukaan
Pricing Starts at $29 Start at Rs.500
User Friendly Yes More difficult than Shopify
Customization Highly customization Limited customization
Themes 70 free & 100+ paid themes Limited themes
Platforms Mobile app (Android & iOS)  & Web Mobile app only
Plugins & Apps Have an app store offer 6000+ Have
Supports 24/7 support via phone, email, live chat, & Social media Support via live chat & email

Pricing plans:


Basic Plan Shopify Plan Advanced Plan
Rs. 1994/month Rs. 7447/month Rs. 30164/month
For individuals, Small business For Small business professional For Small business professional reporting


Free Plan Starter Plan Growth Plan
0 Rs. 14399/year Rs. 37499/year
For getting started For Small business and influencers For Small business

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Pros and Cons


Pros Cons
Robust features and extensive customization options for any business size. Higher cost with monthly subscription fees and transaction fees.
Strong global presence and track record. Extra features are available in advanced plan.
Simple user interface
Wide range of payment gateway integrations.
3 day free trial
24/7 Customer support  


Pros Cons
Free basic plan and affordable premium plans. Limited features and customization options

Very user-friendly and easy to set up, ideal for beginners.

Primarily focused on the Indian market

No transaction fees, making it cost-effective for starting out.

Less established track record and limited customer support options.

Mobile-focused platform, convenient for managing your store on the go.

Fewer payment gateway integrations

Ease of Use


Shopify has a user-friendly design, making it simple to add products, write descriptions, upload images, and organize your inventory into collections. The left-hand menu on the Shopify dashboard allows you to access and edit various features and content, similar to other systems for managing information. You can also use the interface to create and control multiple sales channels across various platforms.

Shopify has a user-friendly design

Whether you need to check analytics, make changes to your store, or add new product pages, you'll easily find the tools you need.

Moreover, Shopify Flow lets you automate different tasks, like managing orders and keeping customers informed about their purchases.


For companies that want to expand online or start selling online, Dukaan is a stress-free choice. Dukaan is easy to use with a design that focuses on users and a straightforward interface. If there are any problems, Dukaan has great support for sellers to quickly address and resolve them. Dukaan makes things even easier with ready-made templates, so sellers can create their own pages without any hassle.

Dukaan is a stress-free choice

You can be sure that pages will load rapidly on any device because every theme was created with mobile devices in mind.

It's easy to customize your themes using the handy editor, which lets you alter the colors, logos, and images.

Customization Themes


Shopify presents a variety of styles and templates for your online store. You can customize your store using free or paid themes, all designed to provide a modern and mobile-friendly look on any device.

Once you pick a theme, Shopify has a theme editor in the admin panel. This editor is user-friendly and allows you to manage content easily. You can add, remove, modify, and rearrange items. It also lets you preview changes and adjust theme settings.

For advanced users familiar with Liquid, HTML, and CSS, if the built-in settings don't cover your needs, you can edit the theme code yourself.

Shopify presents a variety of styles and templates for your online store


With Dukaan, making your online store look the way you want is easy. They have a bunch of themes, so you can easily pick one that you like. Once you've got a theme, you can make it yours by adding things that show off your business, and you don't need to know any fancy coding.

Dukaan doesn't stop at just letting you change colors or add your logo. You can easily switch up how things are laid out, pick different colors, and choose fonts that match your style – all without needing to know any special code.

Dukaan also gets that it's not just about having a cool-looking store. They help you market your business in lots of ways. They give you templates for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This makes it super easy to create awesome images for banners, posts, and stories that catch people's attention.

With Dukaan, making your online store look the way you want is easy.

Marketing & SEO


  • Shopify offers tools to help you market and manage your online store easily. You can create email campaigns, referral coupons, and marketing promotions effortlessly.
  • Shopify includes built-in SEO tools. These tools assist you in creating content that aligns with current SEO trends, making your online store more visible and improving its ranking on search engines.


  • Unlike Shopify, Dukaan provides basic marketing tools such as referral codes and discount coupon generation.
  • However, it lacks advanced SEO technologies that could enhance the visibility of your online store.

Support System


Shopify has a dedicated customer support team ready to help 24/7 through phone, email, live chat, and social media.

Moreover, Shopify provides an extensive knowledge base with articles, videos, and step-by-step tutorials to assist users in resolving common issues independently.

Additionally, Shopify boasts a large user and expert community available to help with problems and offer guidance on best practices.


Dukaan offers email support and a dedicated chat option within the app. Users can contact the support team through the app with specific questions, and they can expect a response within a few hours.

However, Dukaan's support team operates only during regular business hours, and it doesn't offer 24/7 service.


In the realm of e-commerce, Shopify and Dukaan are notable players, each offering distinct advantages. Shopify excels with robust features and extensive customization, ideal for global businesses despite a higher cost. Dukaan, user-friendly and affordable, suits beginners and small businesses, especially in the Indian market. The choice depends on specific business needs, with Tameta Tech, a Shopify-focused e-commerce studio, poised to provide tailored solutions for optimal success.

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