Successful Online Business on Shopify by Women Entrepreneurs

Written by: Rinal Rangani

Successful Online Business on Shopify by Women Entrepreneurs

Women can achieve anything they set their minds to. They can be CEOs just as much as they can be housewives. They've succeeded in fields once seen as only for men, like being pilots, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, and even E-Commerce business owners.

In the world, E-Commerce is booming, and women are a big part of it. While there are still some unfair ideas about women's roles, that doesn't matter anymore. Women are breaking stereotypes and showing they can do anything they want.

This Women's Day, we're shining a spotlight on incredible female entrepreneurs who, with the help of Shopify, have made big waves in the E-Commerce world.

If you want to start your own online business, get inspired by these women entrepreneurs who started their brands on Shopify and turned them into successful businesses.

Women Entrepreneurs of Shopify Brands


The Quirksmith is an Indian brand that specializes in unique fashion and silver jewelry on Shopify. It's famous for its original designs. The company is run by two sisters, Divya and Pragya, who each bring their own expertise to the business.

Divya handles the design and production side, ensuring that every product stands out online, while Pragya takes care of marketing and strategy. Together, they've built Quirksmith into what it is today.

Founder of Quirksmith


andMe sells health and nutrition drinks, teas, and chocolates specifically designed for women's well-being, addressing issues like PCOS, periods, skin health, UTIs, and weight management.

They focus on a specific group of women who are often overlooked because their products contain no added sugar or preservatives. The company is led by two health experts, including Sheta Mittal, a former Nike employee, Harvard Business School graduate, certified yoga instructor, and avid marathon runner.

Founder of andMe


Suta is a small business on Shopify that partners with Indian weavers to make handwoven and handcrafted items. Founded by two sisters, Sujata and Taniya, Suta is a dream come true. Taniya brings the heart to the brand, while Sujata brings the smarts. You've probably spotted their stunning sarees trending on Instagram!

Founder of Suta


Jodi is a Shopify fashion brand from India that started in 2014. They make clothes that are ready to wear for men and women. Their collection has cool designs and lots of bright colors. The company was started by Karuna Laungani and Gauri Verma. They used to work as fashion stylists and then became designers. Jodi's special thing is that they give a new twist to an old way of printing called block printing.

Founder of Jodi

Mora Tarra

Mora Tarra Shopify brand is famous for its stylish wall plates, ceramic planters, stunning home decor items, and unique lamps that are perfect gifts for any event. Anu Kumar started the company in 2005, inspired by his grandmother "Tara," who lived in a small village in Rajasthan. The village was adorned with beautifully crafted furniture that reflected the local lifestyle, along with textured walls made by hand.

Founder of Mora Tarra

The E-Commerce Strategy Used by Women Entrepreneurs

Success doesn't happen overnight, and every achievement requires a plan. Similarly, these women have employed specific E-Commerce strategies to grow their businesses. Below, you'll find the key strategy for success in any E-Commerce venture.

The E-Commerce Harmony Approach

Harmony in E-Commerce involves various solutions that can aid in the smooth growth of your online business.

Essential E-Commerce solutions include payment processing, inventory management, shipping logistics, and handling returns. These solutions are crucial and should not be overlooked.

Leveraging software that provides these solutions can enhance the value of your business and should be seen as a vital step for every merchant using an E-Commerce platform.

The E-Commerce Order Management

Order management is crucial for any online store. With order processing software, you can automate all the steps of handling orders. 

This software lets you manage orders from various platforms, making it easier to handle your E-Commerce business. 

It helps ensure that orders are processed smoothly and helps you build trust with your customers. 

From receiving inventory to shipping, every step of the order process is automated. Many successful Women entrepreneurs have found this software to be a valuable asset in growing their businesses on Shopify.

The E-Commerce Inventory

Managing your inventory is crucial for running a successful business. The key is to have just enough products to meet customer demands without having too much extra stock.

This helps keep customers happy and boosts productivity. Using inventory software can help you track what your customers are buying accurately. By avoiding spending money on products that don't sell well, you can save yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Every brand has a story to tell. Just like every woman here.

Let these stories ignite your passion to start your own online business and share your excitement with the world!

Don't hesitate if you've been waiting to take the leap. Make your dream of being a business owner a reality.

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The stories of these remarkable women entrepreneurs serve as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to embark on their own journey in the world of e-commerce on Shopify.

At Tameta Tech, we are committed to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, As we celebrate Women's Day, let these stories ignite your passion and embolden you to take the leap into entrepreneurship. 

With Shopify and the support of Tameta Tech, you can unleash your potential and make your mark in the ever-expanding world of e-commerce.

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