Case Study

How a Local Pet Store Achieved Nationwide Sales Growth with Shopify & Tameta

Pet Warehouse took off on a brave journey of setting up their ecommerce website to deliver nationwide & skyrocket sales by 15x.

Here’s the bold journey of Pet Warehouse setting up an ecommerce website, unlocking nationwide delivery and achieving a remarkable 15x sales surge.

Services offered:

  • Logo and Branding
  • Custom Design & Consultation
  • Quick Offline to Online launch
  • Shipping & Inventory Management
  • Marketing & SEO Reach


The Snapshot


Pet Warehouse is a visionary one stop shop for all Pets, based in Bangalore, India, committed to providing premium quality pet products, grooming services, and knowledge resources for pet owners.

Through Tameta's Shopify solutions, the brand established an exceptional ecommerce experience with 300% increase in reach and website conversions, achieved nationwide delivery, and overcame challenges in scaling up operations. Let’s explore their success journey in becoming one among the top 10 players in the Indian Pet Industry!

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The Challenge


In the fast-paced world of India's growing pet industry, the founders of Pet Warehouse envisioned expanding their pet store into a network of multiple outlets, each connected with the best technological resources and to a central spine.

After embracing and understanding their vision, Tameta got to work on their roadmap and identified the challenges holding back their success.

  • Financial Hurdles: Expansion of offline stores required higher financial budgets
  • Operational Complexities: Running multiple stores consistently with limited staff & operational resources
  • Market Differentiation: Standing out in a dynamic and highly competitive pet industry
  • Tech Integration: Seamlessly incorporating technology into operations like inventory management, tracking of products, marketing and brand reach
  • Sustaining Quality: Ensuring consistent product quality across an expanding network of outlets

The Solution


Pet Warehouse found the ultimate solution to their challenges in Shopify's online store platform. This all-inclusive tool not only streamlined their operations but also revolutionized their approach to growth.

Solution Features:

  • Budget-Friendly Expansion: Nationwide reach cuts high budget offline expansions
  • Effortless Inventory Management: Streamline inventory tracking, enhancing operations' efficiency
  • Resource Optimization: Shopify automates tasks, reduces staff needs, and simplifies operations
  • Easy & Effective App Plugins: Integration of different applications for Login through Socials & Phone Number, Bulk Pricing and Shipping & Payment partners as Shiprocket & Razorpay.
  • Nationwide Marketing: Broadened reach with nationwide campaigns.
  • Customer Incentives: Boosts loyalty with exclusive discounts, nurturing repeat business
  • Efficient Product Management: Shopify's user-friendly UI streamlines product management with ease
  • World-Class Branding: Brand elevation with professionalism and reliability
  • Top-Notch Functionality: Shopify's user-friendly interface ensured exceptional website functionality and lightning-fast loading speeds
  • Impeccable Security: All transactions shielded against theft, ensuring complete safety

The Impact


On launching our Online front to the industry, the initial response was that we had managed to create a world-class website with a captivating Ecomm experience. The business saw astonishing heights with an increase in orders by 15 times and their online sales shot up by 23x in just 8 weeks.

We drew around 10,000+ users to the site organically through our Blog SEO in just 10 weeks. Not only did people buy the best products, they also shared their experience online, with over 600+ reviews parading Petwarehouse for the win. The brand is now adding loyal customers to the family, with on-time deliveries, essential pet assistance and affordable care. Shopify and Tameta brought to life the dream of making it big in the Tech era.

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20+ Cities

Nationwide reach & Deliveries


Increase in Orders


Increase in Website Conversions


Sales Growth in just 8 weeks


Repeat & Discount Orders Expansion


Organic reach increase in SEO Traffic & Socials


Clients speak

"Whenever we had an issue, we had the best support. Tameta grasped our vision and their solutions simplified everything. Thanks to them we now have a game-changing identity & our numbers are through the roof!”

Gautham Reddy Co-Founder, Business Head