Case Study

Turning Tap Water into Premium Filtration and Making a Splash in Sustainability

Waterdrop, a leading name in premium water filtration systems, aimed to upgrade their online store by creating a user-friendly, high-performance Shopify store. Seeing the potential in Shopify's strong platform and Tameta Tech's e-commerce expertise, Waterdrop started a journey to enhance their online presence and give customers easy access to clean water.

Their aim was to craft a Shopify store that's easy for users and looks great, highlighting their groundbreaking filtration products.

Services offered:

  • Custom Design & Consultation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Shipping & Inventory Management
  • Marketing & SEO Reach


The Snapshot


Waterdrop, a top player in clean water tech, joined forces with Tameta Tech for a big Shopify upgrade. With their top-notch filtration systems, Waterdrop wanted to shine online, make it easy for users, and boost online buying.

In simple terms, Waterdrop and Tameta Tech teamed up to make shopping for water solutions a breeze. From sleek design to smooth transactions, it's all about a better experience for those wanting Waterdrop's cutting-edge products.

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The Challenge


Waterdrop encountered several challenges that required strategic solutions. The existing website had a less-than-optimal user interface, impacting the overall user experience. The lack of a responsive design restricted accessibility across different devices.

Additionally, the client desired the integration of a personalized customer journey to ensure smooth navigation for users exploring their diverse range of water filtration products.

  • Outdated Design: Waterdrop's website needed a modern look and feel to enhance user satisfaction.
  • Limited Accessibility: The non-responsive design hindered users on various devices from navigating seamlessly.
  • User Frustration: A subpar interface caused frustration, impacting the overall impression of Waterdrop's brand.
  • Competitive Edge: A refreshed design would position Waterdrop competitively in the water filtration market.

The Solution


Tameta Tech tackled these challenges with a comprehensive strategy. The team conducted a thorough analysis of Waterdrop's existing platform and proposed a complete overhaul, prioritizing a user-centric design. A customized Shopify development solution was devised, integrating responsive design elements for a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. To enhance the user journey, Tameta Tech implemented personalized product recommendations, a streamlined checkout process, and a dynamic search functionality.

Solution Features:

Tameta Tech addressed these challenges with a comprehensive strategy:

  • Thorough Analysis: Conducted an in-depth analysis of WaterDrop's existing platform.
  • User-Centric Design Overhaul: Proposed a complete Shopify platform overhaul prioritizing user-centric design.
  • Responsive Design Integration: Developed a customized solution with responsive design elements for a seamless experience across devices.
  • Personalized User Journey: Implemented personalized product recommendations, streamlined checkout, and dynamic search functionality to enhance user navigation.
  • Marketing Everywhere: We made the marketing go all over the World.
  • Load Time Optimization: Streamlined the website's loading speed, ensuring quick and efficient access to information for users.
  • Smart Product Display: We placed products in a way that makes them easy to see and explore.
  • Browser-Friendly: We checked that the website works well on different internet browsers, giving everyone a similar experience.

The Impact


Waterdrop's impact is making ripples across 26 nations, bringing the gift of clean water joy to an astounding 35 million happy customers! With 390 organic keywords and 1386 new backlinks, Waterdrop is not just filtering water; it's making a splash in sustainability.

The mission extends beyond filtration, aiming to reduce single-use plastic bottle consumption at homes and offices worldwide. Waterdrop's innovative approach turns tap water into a refreshing and eco-friendly drinking solution. Join the wave, be part of the change!

The collaboration between Waterdrop and Tameta Tech resulted in significant positive outcomes. The revamped Shopify platform effectively showcased Waterdrop's cutting-edge products and provided users with an intuitive and visually appealing interface.

26 Nations

Nationwide reach & Deliveries


Happy Customers

10.9 times

Conversion rate


Organic Reach & SEO Traffics


Create New backlinks


Clients speak

For Waterdrop, collaborating with Tameta Tech has been fantastic! Their assistance beyond our expectations; they really understood our goals and improved the flow of things. We've had a huge impact and are seeing incredible results thanks to Tameta! Working with Tameta Tech to establish our Shopify store has been an incredible experience, and we look forward to continued success in the future.

Zubin Firozi Chief Executive Officer