Case Study

After losing the embroidery business, the owner launched a successful online fashion venture.

Which has now reached ₹0 to ₹1.2M/month income.

Discover the exciting journey of The Same Style a prominent fashion retailer, as they transitioned into the world of E-commerce.

The case study delves into their collaboration with Shopify and outlines how this shift catapulted their brand into the digital era, enabling nationwide reach and an exceptional online shopping experience.

Services offered:

  • Logo and Branding
  • Custom Design & Consultation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Shipping & Inventory Management
  • Marketing & SEO Reach


The Snapshot


Introduce The Same Style as a fashion brand synonymous with trendsetting apparel and accessories, known for its unique style and commitment to quality.
Share the brand's vision to expand their reach and become a key player in the fashion e-commerce landscape.

Highlight the desire to provide an immersive online shopping experience to fashion enthusiasts.

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The Challenge


In the dynamic landscape of India's burgeoning fashion industry, the founders of The Same Style envisioned transforming their fashion brand into a network of multiple outlets, each seamlessly connected with cutting-edge technological resources and a centralized backbone.

Having fully embraced and comprehended their vision, Tameta immediately commenced crafting a roadmap and meticulously pinpointed the obstacles impeding their path to success.

  • Financial Constraints: Limited budget for expansive marketing campaigns and store expansions.
  • Market Differentiation: Standing out amidst the highly competitive and dynamic fashion industry.
  • Tech Integration: Effective utilization of technology to streamline operations and enhance the online shopping platform.
  • Inventory Management: Ensuring seamless inventory tracking and management to meet customer demands.

The Solution


The Same Style discovered an ideal solution to their challenges within Shopify's comprehensive online store platform. This versatile tool not only streamlined their operations but also catalyzed a paradigm shift in their approach to achieving substantial growth.

Solution Features:

  • Inventory Management: Streamlined product tracking and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Resource Optimization: Automation of tasks, reducing staff needs and simplifying operations.
  • Effortless App Plugins: Integration of various applications for enhanced user experience and functionality.
  • Budget-Friendly Expansion: Nationwide reach without hefty offline expansion costs.
  • Nationwide Marketing: Extended reach through nationwide marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Engagement: Increased customer loyalty through exclusive discounts and incentives.

The Impact


Upon the launch of our online platform in the fashion industry, the initial response was overwhelmingly positive, affirming that we had successfully crafted a world-class website offering an enthralling e-commerce experience. The business soared to astonishing heights, witnessing a 15-fold increase in orders, and online sales skyrocketed by an impressive Rs.0 to Rs.1.2M/month in just 10 months.

In a only 10 months, our strategic Blog SEO efforts organically drew more than 10,000 users to the site. It was heartening to observe that not only did customers purchase our top-quality products, but they also enthusiastically shared their experiences online, resulting in over 600+ reviews of "The Same Style." Our brand is now fostering a growing family of loyal customers, characterized by punctual deliveries, indispensable fashion guidance, and affordable options. Shopify and Tameta collaborated to breathe life into our dream of thriving in the era of technology.

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Increase in Orders


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Organic reach increase in SEO Traffic & Socials


Clients speak

"Exceptional experience with Tameta! Their support surpasses expectations. They perfectly understood our vision and streamlined processes. Thanks to them, we've achieved a game-changing identity, and our metrics are soaring!"

Manoj Thummar Founder & CEO