Wix to Shopify Migration
Shopify Migration

Wix to Shopify

Switch to Shopify for advanced features and seamless commerce.

Reasons to migrate
Why Shopify Migration from Wix?

Deciding between Shopify and Wix for your e-commerce business depends on what you need for your website. If you want a strong and flexible online store, Shopify is the best choice.

Migrate to Shopify might seem a bit complicated because of the differences, but our experts can make the process easy for you. They can assist you in transitioning smoothly and getting started with Shopify effortlessly. Wix to Shopify migration is a smart move for businesses that want a more powerful and scalable e-commerce solution.

Consider Tameta Tech for all your e-commerce needs, especially if you're thinking about making the migrate to Shopify. We're here to help you build a robust and successful shopify migration.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Efficient Data Transfer Capability

Clear and Comprehensive Migration Guides

Swift and Accurate Data Transfer

Diverse Packages for Moving Your Data

Ensured Information Security

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Simplified Steps for Transitioning Data

Excited enough to Wix to Shopify Migration?

We are here to carry out a smooth and flawless store migration from Wix to Shopify for you!

How we migrate?

Wix to Shopify Migration in few steps


SEO Check-Up

Evaluate the online performance of your website.


Comprehensive Data Export

Transfer all of your Wix data, exactly and completely, to Shopify.


Data Analysis

Verify accuracy by thoroughly mapping each of the important fields.


Seamless Data Sync

Connect the mapped data with your Shopify platform in a seamless manner.


Test Migration

Conduct a preliminary test migration to identify and address any issues.


Final Data Migration

Make sure everything goes smoothly by migrating all of your data effectively.


Post-Migration Rituals

Easily transfer data, complete information, and make required modifications.


Post-Migration SEO

Pay close attention to any modifications made to Google Analytics.

What data can be Transferred during Wix to Shopify Migration?
Products Information

Full Description
Images in Description

Special Price
Meta Title
Meta Description
Product Image

Additional Images
Product Variants

Product Categories





First Name
Last Name

Email Address

Shipping and Billing Address


Order DateStatus
Discount Price
Tax Price
Shipping Price

Total Price and Comments

Customer Name
Email Billing Address
Shipping Address


Coupon Code
Coupon From Date

Uses Per Coupon
Uses Per Customer
Type Discount

Discount Amount


Date, Rate

User Name


Your Data is Securely Locked with Tameta Tech: Discover Wix Commerce to Shopify Migration

Server Safety

Migrations are executed on a dedicated Hetzner server with limited physical access for enhanced security.

App Security

We utilize HTTPS protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard data in transit.

Network Protection

Our system is fortified with advanced network architecture, firewalls, and access controls to ward off cyber threats.

Data Privacy

Employee access to customer migration data is closely regulated, logged, and subject to audits for added data security.

Additional Options for Wix to Shopify Migration


Transfer Customer Groups as Shopify Customer Tags

Maintain your Magento store's customer groups during migration.


Reset Your Target Store Data Before Migration

This action will remove all data from your Shopify store.

Shift Categories to Shopify Automated Collections

Transform Magento categories into Shopify collections during migration.

Maintain Original Order IDs on Target Store

Your Magento order IDs will remain unchanged in Shopify.


Transfer Categories and Products' SEO URLs

Retain your Magento URL structure on Shopify during the migration process..

Adjust Product Quantity to 100 on Shopify Store

Ensure that 100 units are in stock to test the migration with out-of-stock products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why switch from Wix to Shopify? black-arrow

Shopify offers advanced features and scalability for a more robust eCommerce experience.

What's Tameta Tech's migration expertise? black-arrow

Our team excels in seamless Wix to Shopify migrations, ensuring a smooth transition.

Advantages of Shopify over Wix? black-arrow

Shopify provides more eCommerce functionalities, a user-friendly interface, and scalability.

How secure is data during migration? black-arrow

Tameta Tech prioritizes data security, ensuring a safe transfer from Wix to Shopify.

Can I customize my Shopify store post-migration? black-arrow

Yes, Shopify offers extensive customization options for your store's design and features.

Steps in the migration process? black-arrow

Assessment, data export, detailed mapping, synchronization, trial migration, final migration, checks, and ongoing SEO monitoring.

Can I migrate specific elements like customer data? black-arrow

Yes, Tameta Tech facilitates the migration of essential elements, including customer data.

Timeframe for migration with Tameta Tech? black-arrow

Varies based on store complexity and data volume, ensuring a timely transition.